Getting the Picture of Iconography: an innovative Way to Teach English to Young Learners


Jennifer Alejandra Delgado y Claudia Marcela Chapetón.

Sello: Editorial Aula de Humanidades.

ISBN: 978-958-58685-5-7.

Formato: libro.

Año de publicación: 2015.

Páginas: 184.

Getting the Picture of Iconography is addressed at readers from diverse academic backgrounds who are interested in innovative ways of teaching English to young learners.  The book will be particularly useful and effective for pre-service and in-service professional development and for novice researchers in TESOL and applied linguistics. In its aim at unveiling how Iconography works, this book discusses and explores several aspects of early and visual literacy, and a number of key concepts such as approach, method, methodology, principles, procedures, and techniques involved in the teaching of the foreign language. The book follows a qualitative approach to examine the theoretical and pedagogical underpinnings of this teaching practice, the way it is developed with young learners, and the perceptions that the educational community has of the use of Iconography to teach EFL in classroom settings.

The data reveals that Iconography works as a semiotic literacy practice that is socially situated and where images play a key role to convey meaning. It also shows that Iconography is implemented to teach EFL under the features of the post-method condition (particularity, practicality, and possibility) and making use of different techniques, principles, and procedures. These findings and the different perceptions of the community involved in the use of iconography point to important implications for the teaching of English as a foreign language in the pre-school classroom.

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Editorial Aula de Humanidades
Editorial Aula de Humanidades


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